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Post  Darknight1234 on Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:59 am

1.1. Surname:

1.2. Forename:

1.3. Age:

1.4. Date of Birth:

1.5. Ethnicity:

1.6. Area of Residence:

1.7. Gender:

1.8. Cellphone Number:

2. Medical Analysis

2.1. Medical Condition(s):

2.2. Do you have any heart condition(s):

2.3. Do you have Asthma or any other respiratory problem(s):

3. Conviction Declaration

3.1. Have you been imprisoned or incarcerated for a Criminal Offense:

3.1.1. How long were you sentenced to?:

3.2. Do you hold a full Los Santos Driving License?:

4. Suitability

4.1. Why do you want to be enlisted as a Police Officer? ((MINIMUM of 100 words)):
I want to be police because it was very difficult to grow up in that community as I did! it was very much fighting and criminal traits and sexuality, My father was very definite and dangerous, he beat my mother much, and me! I wanted to change it but could not because I want to be a cop so I can change things here in Los Santos!

4.2. What are your career goals?((MINIMUM of 100 words)):
My career goals are pretty simple, I hope to become police officers because I want to make everything more fair and safe here in Los Santos! I can maybe even develop my ability to maybe take a step up and become an agent or officer. I want to do everything right and help the families who had what I had!

4.3. Tell us a little about yourself ((MINIMUM of 400 words)):

I grew up in a very difficult society in which there was much crime, etc., I was born in Mexico and was named Johnny Knox! My mom was always on my side and supported me whatever happened, I left school with very good grades that I had fixed it so hard back home I did well at school because I had a goal to become a police officer. I am very determined in all situations and are kind to others about them are nice back. My mood can change very quickly if it is serious or fun. I will always be on time for my job.

I have family visiting in southern Mexico and is willing to 100% to move to Los Santos if I get this job!

4.4. Additional information / Questions / Concerns:

5. References

5.1. Are you currently in employment?:
Builder And i have done the military

5.2. If yes, what is your current occupation?:

5.3. If you have any reference(s) from a current Officer of the LSPD, insert them here.


6. (( OOC Personal Information ))

6.1. Forename:

6.2. Age:

6.3. Year of Birth:

6.4. Geographical location:
Sweden, Stockholm

6.5. Gender:

6.6. Timezone:

6.7. In-Game Level:

6.8. Do you posess any Law Enforcement Knowledge?:

6.9. Past roleplay experience:
I have played on roleplay on other servers.

6.10. Picture of your Statistics ((/stats)):

7. (( OOC Requirements Check ))

7.1. Do you have ventrilo?:

7.2. Do you have a working microphone?:

7.3. Have you read the Los Santos Police Standard Operations Manual?

7.4. How much time do you play on the server in a week? [# of hours]:

7.5. Past Character Name(s) + Level(s):

8. Declaration of Agreement
8.1. By submitting this application to the San Andreas Police Department, I, Johnny Knox, declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be preformed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under consent of my own. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged if it has been seen that I am unfit for duty or have violated any of the following, but not limited to: Policy, Manual, Term, Condition, or Order

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