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IC Info

Name : Steve_Hailey
Ages : 23
Gender : Male
Year live in Los Santos : 1 Year
Why do you want to become an Officer? ((100 Words + )): I want to help the country that i live in and if i could all the state and i want that will be no crimes and if there will be crimes i would like to help the cops to stop the robers and the illigal people and the gangsters who selliing things by joining the LSPD and one day i was with my family in my house and some robbers come to my house they break in and they robbed my family and we was so scared and if i join the LSPD i can protect my self and i can help to be a team that's why i want to join los santos polce deperment
Biography ((200 words +)): Steve_Hailey Biography
Young brave man that want to join the police of los santos that called LSPD since i am 4 years i dreamed to be a police officer and i want to help Los Santos to be a beter place that's clean from crimes by being a police officer of los santos police deperment even in halloween he had a custum of a police man and since he got his license he didnt mad 1 problom on the road and didnt got any tickets for anything and i helped all the cops that needed help from me even when i wasent in los santos a cop from las venturas police deperment needed help so i sleeped over las venturas 4 month to help the police of las venturas to slove a very hard situation and over San Fiero i sleeped 2 month to help the police of San Fierro to catch a guy that robbed allot of business and now i try 1 and an half year to join the Los Santos Police Deperment and want to stay there untill he die

OOC Info

Name : It's a greek name: Stelios Anadolis
Ages : 15
Do you have Teamspeak? : No
Do you have a working microphone? : No
Do you fully read the handbook? : Yes


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