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Post  Kelvin_Wizzle on Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:55 pm

IC Information:

Name: Wizzle
Lastname: Kelvin

How many years you have been in Los Santos: 23

Why you want to Lead this Faction?: I would like to be Chief of the Los Santos Police Department simply because I have been to many academies and I have am a former of LSPD of the Red County Police Department. I am a healthy, fit, young lad that has experiance in a department and I will want to become an officer again, and I hope that the LSPD chief is better than the RCPD chief. I would also like to become an officer to help the Los Santos Police Department progress in their dynasty. And to serve and protect my new city, my new life, and my new citezens.

Little Story about you "Biography" (Minnimum 200 Words):Well I grew up as a young boy in Red County, San Andreas. My child hood wasn't exactly the best but atleast it wasn't the worst. I currently live with my Mother and my Father is in San Fierro. He left us when I was only 4 years old, cruel huh? Anyways I work as a Mechanic in a local garage near in Dillemore. And I made about 50 to 60 dollars a day. My mother is currently suffering from lung cancer. It's a terrible thing and what most people think it would never happen to them. But it has in fact happened to the only woman in my life. When I lived in San Fierro I lived with both my parents in Dohetry, San Fierro. My father owned a garage in Dohetry called Tyler Auto's. I would have always stayed there most of the day. Playing with toy cars, helping my dad work on some cars and washing them too. But my father started drinking when his brother, my uncle Ben, died in a car accident. Well everything was going fine from my view. But after he started to drink I stop hanging around the garage alot, in fact I only went there on Tuesdays. Most nights when my dad came home he was more than likely drunk and he abused me and my mother. So after takiing 8 Years of abuse we finally decided to move, all the way out to red county. Sure, I missed my friends but I was too afraid of my father to ever step foot in San Fierro again. So after a couple of years living in Red County I wanted to get more active around town. So i went to soccer sundays and played for the local basketball team, Red County Razors. But I started going to Police Camps because they were recruiting. Eventually I got into the Red County Police Academy and worked my way up onto becoming a cadet in the Red County Police Department. I arrested 5 people and stopped a bank robbery in my years as a cadet. And about 3 years later (I am 20) I became an official police officer of the Red County Police Department. But as I got closer and closer I found out that our chief was exetremely corrupt, he was selling guns such as Spas12's and M4's. But he also used drugs and sold illegal materials. After trying to explain to the other officers and to the Captains none of them beleived me. So I decided to leave Red County, I didn't want anything to do with it. So I moved to Los Santos by myself and my Mother stayed in Red County with her Brother. So I worked as a mechanic in a local garage in East Los Santos and I own an apartment in the Marina.

Past Law Enforcer Experience (RP Server): Rank 6 (Deputy Chief) NL-RP
Rank 6 Chief OG-Rp

What can you do for Los Santos if you get accepted? (Minnimum 50 Words): I would like to become a Chief because I'm already a good cop, and I also think I got a very well Leading skill Also Because I'm sick of being just an "assistance officer" I wanna be something that I deserve, because I know I can do much better then being just an "officer" [with all the respect to our cops that by the way are doing a great job] but as a Deputy Chief I got the power to change the world! change our safety world! and destroyed the gang hoods! and to kick their ugly ass out of OUR LOS SANTOS CITY! So be carfull you bastard gangster because I am the next Deputy Chief!

OOC Informatrion

Name: Jimmy
Lastname: Kelvin
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Do you have Working Microphone?: Yes of course i have
Do you have installed Teamspeak3 on your PC? If not Install it : Yes i do have


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LSPD Application Empty Re: LSPD Application

Post  Edmon Dantes on Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:57 pm

Los Santos Police Department
Training and Recruitment Division
Recruitment Office

LSPD Application Lspdaccepted
Los Santos Police Department
1 Pershing Square
Los Santos

Dear Applicant,

After reviewing your Recruitment Process and training you, I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to join the Los Santos Police Department.

You have successfuly complete the first 4 Steps of the Recruitment Process and are now ready to receive your Cadet Uniform and begin patroling with Officers of the Los Santos Police Department. Please remember that you may not patrol alone or with other Cadets.

You will now have fourteen days to completely learn the rules of the Police Department and show yourself as a capable member and receive a earn a promotion to Officer; if after thirteen days have passed since joining us you have not been promoted you will then commence with Step 6 where you will go with a Training and Recruitment Captain (or a Chief) and show them how well you can work.

Best regards to you applicant,

Signed By:
Chief Dantes.

Los Santos Police Department[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Edmon Dantes

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