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Senate Application (Form) Empty Senate Application (Form)

Post  Nobody on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:41 am

(( Please DO NOT reply just make a new thread DO NOT REPLY HERE the name of the thread/"subject" should name it like this: [Senate] [Your name here] [Application] Form is down here ))

IC Information :

First Name :

Last Name :

How old are you? :

Cellphone number :

Criminal record (If none please tell it.)

How many years you have been in Los Santos:

Little Story about you "Biography" (Minimum 100 Words) :

Why do you wan't to Work for the Governor? :

What can you do for Los Santos Governor? (Minimum 50 Words) :

OOC Information:

Name :

Lastname :



Do you have Working Microphone? (Not important) :

Do you have installed Teamspeak3 on your PC? If not Install it :


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