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SASP Leader, Linc Whistler Empty SASP Leader, Linc Whistler

Post  eric, on Wed Dec 01, 2010 9:59 pm

IC Information:

Name: Linc

How many years you have been in Los Santos:15 years((lvl 17 NG-rp,Crazy lvl 19))

Why you want to Lead this Faction?: I want the SASP to get more organized((Do this faction more active and make it to an RP faction))

Little Story about you "Biography" (Minnimum 200 Words):I was born in Ottawa in Canada i grew up with my father. M parents was divorced since three years back. My mom had moved to New York. All my friends was liveing in Ottawa so i decied to saty there with my dad. I missed my mom very much since he moved, but i was getting use to ignore it. My dad and me was two big hockey fans so we was going on all matches in town. My school worked well and my friend was very nice to me. Me and my friends were often togther and played Playstation 2. When i was 15 years and 4 months me and my dad decied to move to the USA we moved to Los Santos, I was missing my friends very much. I couldnt sleep on the nights, I was crying everyday before i go to sleep. After some month i was leaving it behind me and keep liveing my life. When i later filled 18 my dad died in cancer. I lived self in my apartment in Idlewood. I couldnt reach my mom she and me had lose the contact some years back. I start to work on Blueberry carparts in some years when i later moved over to the laywer job. I was many times in the court of law defend some bastards. But me and my boss came into a bad conversation and i leaved the job. When i later saw that SASP needed Officers i took the chance.

Past Law Enforcer Experience (RP Server):LSPD R3.-NGRP))Never been in any PD here in Los Santos. ((Played SAMP for almost two years, NG-rp in 75% of the time then ive played on some small servers, FBI ex leader on maximus roleplay. I know all the cmds))

What can you do for Los Santos if you get accepted? (Minnimum 50 Words): I will bring mine best sides to this town and help
fighting down the criminals in this town. I will do my best to keep Los Santos and nearby citys safe. Im an very calm person so i will not do mine job careless. I will try to mine best to keep everyone in Los Santos happy.

OOC Information:

Do you have Working Microphone?:Yes
Do you have installed Teamspeak3 on your PC? If not Install it : Yes((Ventrilo Mix))


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