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Post  Alex_Stracci on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:58 pm

IC Info

Name :Alex_Stracci
Ages :25
Gender :Male
Year live in Los Santos :1 and half year
Why do you want to become an Officer? ((100 Words + )):I want to help the country that i live in and if i could all the state and i want that will be no crimes and if there will be crimes i would like to help the cops to stop the robers and the illigal people by joining the LSPD and to countinue our family tradition as my dad was a police officer in los santos police deperment and his dad also worked in the police but not of los santos he worked in Las Venturas Police Deperment or you can call it LVPD and that's why i want to join los santos polce deperment
Biography ((200 words +)):Alex_Stracci Biography
Young brave man that want to join the police of los santos that called LSPD since i am 4 years i dreamed to be a police officer and i want to help Los Santos to be a beter place that's clean from crimes by being a police officer of los santos police deperment even in halloween he had a custum of a police man and since he got his license he didnt mad 1 problom on the road and didnt got any tickets for anything and i helped all the cops that needed help from me even when i wasent in los santos a cop from las venturas police deperment needed help so i sleeped over las venturas 4 month to help the police of las venturas to slove a very hard situation and over San Fiero i sleeped 2 month to help the police of San Fierro to catch a guy that robbed allot of business and now i try 1 and an half year to join the Los Santos Police Deperment and want to stay there untill he die
OOC Info

Name :Yuval Dahan
Ages :18
Do you have Teamspeak? :Yes
Do you have a working microphone? :Yes
Do you fully read the handbook? :Yes

((IC signture:@lex_$tracci))
((OOC signture Yuv@l D@h@n))


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