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Pedro Delarosa Apllication Empty Pedro Delarosa Apllication

Post  Alfa on Thu Jun 23, 2011 4:54 am

IC Information :

First Name : Pedro

Last Name : Delarosa

How old are you? : 32

Cellphone number : 1188

Criminal record (If none please tell it.) : Ive been arrested a couple of times for speeding .

How many years you have been in Los Santos: 19

Little Story about you "Biography" (Minimum 100 Words) : I came to Los Santos when i was 13. I migrated from Mexico City.
I started out as a cab driver to make enough money for a house and a small clothing business. As time went by i realised that
the city is being run by criminal organisations . Ive been shot at the couple of times aswell . By realising that i decided to do whatever it takes to make living in Los Santos better for the hard working citysen.

Why do you wan't to Work for the Governor? : Im sure i can myself very useful for the governor , helping him run the city. I have some very good ideas , how to make life better in Los Santos .

What can you do for Los Santos Governor? (Minimum 50 Words) : I can assist him in every way needed . Discuss various topics about the city . Im full of ideas and im sure that the governor is interested in them .

OOC Information:

Name : John

Lastname : Smith

Gender: male

Age: 23


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