Nippon no Ryu [Family Application]

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Nippon no Ryu [Family Application] Empty Nippon no Ryu [Family Application]

Nippon no Ryu

Yoi ichi-nichi, my name is Kosoku Furasshu.


San Fierro, 1968, a woman called Chi Yang is in the hospital. 3 doctors, infront of her, she got a baby. Chi called her husband, Tsuki, to tell him the great news. 2 weeks later the family Furasshu heads over to Los Santos, Tsuki, did need better work. It was going all wrong with Chi's husband. He was going on drugs, he was never at home and didn't even see Kosuku for a couple of weeks. After 2 months, without showing himself, he came back. He was all fucked up... They saw he was using drugs. Chi broke up with him, and moved back to San Fierro to avoid Kosoku getting on the drugs in Los Santos. The father of Kosoku was mad on her, because she "Kidnapped" his son.

1985, Kosoku was 17 already, he was ready for his study. He was doing great on school, he was a smart kid. After 17 years, Kosoku still didn't saw his father yet. He was mad on him, because he did let him alone, while he was a baby. Chi and Kosoku were eating dinner, listening some music and doing some TaiChi. Kosoku was now doing TaiChi for 8 years. He had a Katana on his room, where he did play with. Midnight, 3 o'clock, you hear a window breaking. Kosoku wakes up and grabs his katana. Too late, his father got his mother already. Kosoku looks deep in his fathers eyes and he does see a knife flying. Tsuki killed his mother, with a knife. Kosoku uses his katana against his father. He makes a huge slash and slashes his fathers head off. He does cry and you see the head fall...

In this time, Kosoku is dealing drugs, weapons and other illegal stuff. He learned himself to Freerun, doing TaiChi and KungFu. He is now a real Ninja. 5 people, walking over roofs, climbing on the bank and watch their enemy, who want them down. They use katana's, SD-Pistols and sometimes assault weapons. They have got their colour too, Black with red. To today, he is still a professional KungFu, TaiChi and Freerun master. The End.


The Nippon no Ryu doesn't use much weapons. They mostly fight with melee.

1: Katana / KungFu ( Standard )
2: SD-Pistol ( Standard )
3: M4 Assault Rifle ( Under heavy fight )
4: Sniper ( Long Range )


The Nippon no Ryu wear KungFu clothing. We mostly use 3 different skins.

1: 49 - Older ninja.
2: 203 - Standard Ninja with longer hair.
3: 204 - Standard Ninja with short hair.


We do live at the Vinewood Tennisplace. You've got a big Japanese building there.


We mostly use cars and bikes. We don't need a helikopter because we can get on the most things without flying.

1: Race Motorcycles
2: Phoenix
3: Blista Compact


My email is for more questions.
My ingame name is Kosoku_Furasshu
My RolePlay skill is: Medium

That was my family application!

Thanks for reading it.



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