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Post  Dalle on Sun Jul 10, 2011 6:00 pm


IC Info

Name : Andrew Willis
Ages : 21
Gender : Male
Year live in Los Santos : 2 years
Why do you want to become an Officer? ((100 Words + )): I want to become an officer mainly because of my dad. He was in the force for 20 years and had a pretty high rank, so I know what it is on about. My dad died on job in a shootout with Los Santos´ biggest gang nowadays. And I’ve been on a little police academy, so I have that background knowledge. And I want to serve and protect people in Los Santons so they can feel safe. I love the action and I want to do my career in Los Santos Police Deparment. I want this job because it’s my life and that’s the only thing that matters, and I think I can do a difference.
Biography ((200 words +)):
My name is Andrew and I am 21 years old, I’ve been living in Los Santos for like 2 years. I used to live in Las Venturas but we moved to Los Santos after my daddy died in a shootout. Back in Las Venturas I had an apartment with 2 floors. I was a poor guy and I had a job down at the local 24/7 store. As a 21 years old boy that is just not enough money. So I started after middle school on Police Academy, it was hard to get in because I didn’t have the grades, I was so close to have the grades. But because the knew my daddy I could get in. I was just started at the academy and a few days after my fathers death I moved to Los Santos to my mom. So now I have to start it all over, and this Department looks to be well organised and gently people. I am living with my dog Johnny and I don’t have any girlfriends, so I am not getting interrupted in my job, hehe. I also have hobbies like football and golf. I am training 2 times a week and playing golf when I am off work. I am playing football because I need to take care of my body.

OOC Info

Name : Daniel
Ages : 16
Do you have Teamspeak? : Yes.
Do you have a working microphone? : Yes.
Do you fully read the handbook? : Yes.


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