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IC Info

Name : Zof Cool
Ages : 18
Gender : Male
Year live in Los Santos : 18
Why do you want to become an Officer? ((100 Words + )):
I want to join Los Santos Police Department Because i want to give Law enforcement another try instead of just sitting around Guarding an old Plaza from little teenage kids trying to trespass and I've been seeing that Los Santos Police Department are Struggling to Capture Evading Suspects. So i wanted to give it another Try, and see what i can accomplish from it.
Biography ((200 words +)):
On july 30th 1992 at eleven twenty two A.M., I was born in the All Saints Hospital in Los Santos. Born into a middle class family at the time. I was ready to make my own living, I started out working with my dad’s company at fourteen years old which was "RW's Logging and Excavating" the business earned him little money at the time because of payment for the equipment and fuel prices. While my dad set out to do what he needed to do every day my mother worked at Los Santos University of Technology where she did most of the paperwork in that department for almost six years. At about sixteen I became interested in becoming a mechanic. I went to a college called "ITT Technical Institute" where I studied Diesel and bodywork repair.
Eighteen years of age it was my second year in college, and it was also my first time I was robbed and harmed in my life. I was walking down the street going to Downtown Los Santos to see my family and friends when I was held up by a Russian immigrant who wanted to take my money, I did what he asked I emptied my pockets and gave him everything I had which was about twelve-fifty. As he turned around and started running my friend was around the corner and the guy ran into him. I yelled to my friend "Hold him down, Hold him down!" Which he did and I retrieved my money, but what else we did was uncalled for. He held him while I beat the ever living piss out of him, someone must have called nine one one because around the corner came two LSPD cruisers. I and my friend were arrested for “Assault and Battery” because it wasn’t self-defense since he didn’t actually hit us. Wait until you get this, that Russian got off scot free with us having to pay his medical bill.

Later we were let out of jail due to the cop being the Russians friend and they had it on tape where he confessed to arresting us for beating the piss out of him. At about twenty-one years old I joined the SASP (San Andreas State Police) where I was stationed over at DeMorgan before National Guard took over as Department of Corrections. Later while I was guarding prisoners at DeMorgan, I had worked my way up to Sergeant by then, San Andreas Sheriff’s Department took over the Red County jurisdiction which I was REALLY happy about because SASP was moved to Fort Carson with a temporary base, plus it took off all the raging bikers trying to kill us every day.

OOC Info

Name : Feres
Ages : 15
Do you have Teamspeak? : yes
Do you have a working microphone? : no
Do you fully read the handbook? : yes


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