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Post  jesser on Thu Aug 04, 2011 6:53 am

IC Information:

Name: djo

How many years you have been in Los Santos:12

Why you want to Lead this Faction?:I am a person who from the Age of 15, was Helping with the Dublin Fire Birdgade for 5 years and I learned alot of Medic expierience and I would be a assist to any team due to my excellent people skills and ability to teach and learn both in multiple situations. I feel that I also work well under pressure, I am also willing to Work with younger People and Help other Teams and My Own Team Members. Lastly, I studied at Dublin University of Law and Medical, and can be pushed further.
I want to be apart of the LSFMD, to make a difference to the city and the people. I feel the LSFMD will suit my skills and personally makes me feel great that I will be saving Lives.

Little Story about you "Biography" (Minnimum 200 Words):I was born in the city of Las venturas. I had a quiet normal youth. No major problems at all. I liked the fire department and the medical services. Whenever a vehicle drove by responding to a call I just got a sudden smile on my face, unconsciously knowing that one day I would be one of them. It was mainly the fire department. They were people who dedicated their lives literally for their jobs. They needed to do shifts of 12 hours long, always staying ready to be dispatched at a call and so on. I knew that the knowledge I possessed about first aid might save a life one day. So I was very satisfied that I succeeded in the course and who knows, succeeded in my first steps of becoming a firefighter/EMT ?
I finished University with a knowledge in Medicine. I was thinking of joining the local fire brigade but there was one major plan that stood in my way: Los Santos! I always dreamed of living in Los Santos. The land of opportunities they said, I mostly believed the things they said about the L.S. Being in L.S interested me a lot. I wanted to leave Ireland and Europe, looking for some adventure of my own with certain hesitation. I decided I needed some money so I started working in a local First Aid Service. I earned enough money and with some savings and money my parents gave me, I had the money to travel to Los Santos.
I arrived in Los Santos at the end of June this year. I had some $10000 on my bank account but realised that in a while it wouldn’t be enough to pay the rent of the airport motel , the food, my driver’s license and other things. I never expected that living on my own could be that hard. Because after all I didn’t had the help of my parents anymore or friends. I left those all behind. Mostly I was just walking in the streets trying to find something to do since I was mostly bored all the time. After looking in the local newspaper for a job to get some kind of income I decided to start as a Mechanic, Ofcourse After I got enough Money, then I got a Drivers License.

Past Fire and Medical Experience (RP Server):yes my father is a doctor

What can you do for Los Santos if you get accepted? (Minnimum 50 Words): i'm a verry hard worker
I will do my best to save people's live's
I will work 24/7
I work Clean and Good
Every Body that enter's my ambulance will got saved !!!

OOC Information:

Do you have Working Microphone?: yes
Do you have installed Teamspeak3:yes


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