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Basic Information:

Name of the gang/organization?
Los Santos Modern Bandits
What kind of gang/organization it will be?
A Fun Type
Name of the leader:
Co-leaders (max 2):
Lupin_M_Saint Biography (min 200 words):
It first started with three friends.We were all very same,but one day we got separated in our activities.I was interested in Badminton and Ben was interested in football and my other freind named lupin was interested in Running.So we continued our freindship until one day Lupin started to do bad things.We were getting worried.But he continued his Bad thing.We were getting very tired of him.Then one they he join a gang.It was why he was doing bad thing.It was a requirment to join the San ferrio Bandit gang.So we both joined another gang named the Los Santos Bandits.After a few years i was given rank 3 then after five years i became the leader.Ben was mad he wanted to take over the gang but he failed.So i kicked him out of the gang.He was realy very angry he joined another gang named the Los Venturas Bandit So then the Los venturas bandit Had a gang war with the san ferrio bandit.So i and my los santos bandit decided to help.Then it became a three gang war.Then during the war some of our Gang member were injured.We were very sad.Then after a few hours of the was the police came we tried to escape but some of us failed.Some of then went to prison for 38 years.Every year we visit them at prison.One day,we all met at prison.Then we asked what are you doing here.Then we said visiting our gang members.Then we all fought.THen the police came and hancuffed us.We all stayed in the same cell for 10 years.Then we all got closer as the day passed.then we got interested in Hockey that was whhat we had in common.After 3 years we got tired of staying tired of in prison we tried to escape but the police chaught us in the jungle.We had a extended time in jail.Lupin was shot in the arm and he was paralysed.We felt very sad and then we stood together and named our Gang Los Santos Modern Bandits.After Prison,we came out and controlled many turfs and then we captured Blueberry and Delimore.We were very happy.That is our gang Biography now we are running this fine.
Extended Information:

Unique rank name list:
6)Modern Bandit
5)Pure bandit
3)New Bandit
2)Modern Adult
1)Modern Boy

Starting members (min 6, excluding leader):
3)Bruss Wayne
6)Fahd Sisuat

Desired skins (add both pictures & IDs):

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