Alexa_Electras`s Ban Appeal

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Alexa_Electras`s Ban Appeal Empty Alexa_Electras`s Ban Appeal

Post  Alexa_Electra on Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:32 pm

So..this is how it all was.
I was doing some patrol duty in LSPD, and then i asked my Chief Alex Wizzle i think, can i go of-duty (i had to go to lunch). He said ,,Offcourse`` and i went. (offline)
(And when i finished lunch i went to my computer, sat down...and connected to the server with Alexa_Electra, and it said ,,You are banned from this server``. Alexa_Electras`s Ban Appeal Wtfnz. (Tried to log in 3 times, in case of an bug or something).
(Then I created an new account to get to the bottom of this, and talked to an Admin names Mosque. He said the reason i got banned was SA - Server Advertising. I did no such thing, i spoke to Alex and after he gave me permission to go i left the server. And that`s the end of the story. I think this was an Miss Click, or something, some kind of an error. And even if I did SA, i wouldn`t lie about it for sure, i would come clean. Someone please look in to this please. Thank You.)


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